KalendarKards Memory Support System

KalendarKards LLC is very pleased to announce an enhanced strategy for our Memory Support System. Based on feedback received over the past year, we have re-released the system with your suggestions included!

KalendarKards Base System
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KalendarKards Whats Included

Order today. Just $39 with FREE SHIPPING!

Introducing KalendarKards Base System!

New Approach: More Uses

Many of you are using the system fully, but many shared with us that you simply don’t use all the cards provided. Plus, for those who have already transitioned to an Independent or Assisted Living community, the “at home” focused cards weren’t quite right.

In addition to the days of the week and blank clock face cards, the KalendarKards Base System now starts you with a generous supply of blank cards in each of the four color-coded categories. This allows you to fully personalize the system for your loved one, regardless of their situation.

By streamlining the card selection (now 90 instead of 197!) we’ve been able to reduce the regular price of the system by 50%!

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Ultimate Flexibility For You

This new approach is not only for caregivers supporting those living with mild cognitive impairment or any of the dementias. Now with the KalendarKards Base System, you can get started in virtually any caregiving situation where memory support is needed:

▪ A family member striving to stay independent at home
▪ A loved one needing to be more engaged in assisted living activities
Occupational Therapy to “retrain the brain”
▪ Helping children learn time management and prioritization

Regardless of your need, you can now get started quickly and inexpensively!

Making a Difference

KalendarKards is very proud of the success we’re having with our Memory Support System – both for helping those stay independent in their own home – and for many others!

  • CHILDREN. We recently learned KalendarKards helped the parents of a 4 year old teach her the days of the week! Others are learning time management and prioritization.
  • ASSISTED LIVING. The family of a gentleman who has transitioned into Assisted Living says he is more engaged in the activities offered. The best part for him? He doesn’t forget to watch Wheel of Fortune!
  • OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY. Those recovering from stroke or traumatic brain injury are learning how to organize their days and re-structure their thinking.

By starting with the flexibility of the Base System, you can immediately put a structure in place, regardless of your personal caregiving situation.

What’s Included

KalendarKards Whats Included

Order Now!

The KalendarKards Base System has everything you need to get started right away. Just like the original system, you receive the KalendarKards Stadium to hold your daily card decks, a marker to customize your cards, the “Check Your KalendarKards” reminder wrist band, and an Activity Journal to easily capture your loved one’s daily activities when building the daily decks.

We’ve improved on the original system by streamlining the card selection. This enhances your value by:

  • simplifying usage
  • allowing the system to be used in many more situations
  • reducing the overall cost significantly

Since the cards are the single most expensive component of the system, eliminating the cards many of you told us you “just don’t use” helped us engineer significant costs out of the retail price.

Now just $39! Still with Free Shipping!

Card Selection

Your feedback was very valuable! We now include only the basic cards you need to get started quickly and inexpensively.

KalendarKards Base Deck Cards

Base Deck now includes 90 cards, ready for your personalization!

With the included marker, you now have a Memory Support System with the ultimate in personalization. With a new total of 90 cards, you get everything you need to get started – but none of the extra cards (and cost!) you don’t!

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Refined Color-Coded Categories

To reflect a more meaningful set of categories, and to accommodate a wider range of use, we’ve enhanced the category selections. Now included are:

  • RED – Important
  • BLUE – Health
  • GREEN – Activities
  • GOLD – Responsibilities
  • YELLOW – Day & Time

In this way, we’ve helped imply more action through ACTIVITIES, and an increased sense of connection and value through RESPONSIBILITIES. Again, thank you all for your feedback!

Get Started Today – But Adjust to Tomorrow!

Although you can get started easily with the “blank slate” of cards, some of you will continue to need additional details designed into the cards. To initially support the new Base System (with more on the way soon!) we have developed two Booster Packs that allow you to use your KalendarKards Memory Support System in much more detail.

With a more flexible card selection and with 50% of the cost engineered out of our retail price, there’s no reason not to add an important tool to your caregiving toolbox. You can get started easily, on a path to increased comfort and confidence for that important person in your life.

As your use of KalendarKards gets more in depth, you may wish to add more cards. Two options are currently available to you:

  • HEALTH PACK – BLUE. In the Health Pack, you are able to incorporate 36 specialty cards that focus on healthy activities – activities that are often overlooked if not constantly kept top of mind. Cards range from reminders to help manage medications to prompts for drinking more water, and from encouragement to stretch or exercise to reminders for doctor and dentist appointments. Learn more about the Health Packs here.
  • KalendarKards Blanks PackBLANKS PACK. With the Blanks Pack, you’ll easily expand the utmost in flexibility afforded you in the KalendarKards Base System. With 36 cards in all four of the color-coded categories (RED – Important; BLUE – Health; GREEN – Activities; GOLD: Responsibilities) you can continue to put personalized structure in place that benefits not just the user, but you as the Caregiver as well! Learn more about the Blanks Packs here.

Let us know what kinds of specialty themes you would like to see in future Booster Packs. Watch for more packs to be released soon!

Thank you!

As always, we value your feedback and perspectives. In this case, it caused a complete realignment of how KalendarKards can better serve you.

We appreciate your support and your continued involvement. Please continue to share your perspectives.

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