Welcome to KalendarKards!

KalendarKards is a Caregiver tool, supporting individuals living with memory challenges. From those with Mild Cognitive Impairment trying to stay independent, to children learning time management, KalendarKards is easy to set up and easy to use.

Using both blank and specialized cards, we help you simplify daily reminders for medications, activities, appointments, responsibilities, and more.
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Welcome to KalendarKards

StadiumKalendarKards is a comprehensive Memory Support System designed for loved ones with memory challenges. It is based on specialized, easy-to-use cards as reminders. By providing support to assist with keeping them on track and on schedule, KalendarKards can be one of many strategies to help them stay safe and independent longer in their own homes.

By establishing a structured day through the KalendarKards system, family and/or visiting caregivers take more of a proactive role in your loved one’s ongoing care. There’s less time responding to random issues and questions, and more time interacting in a warm and enriching manner.

For those who have already transitioned into assisted living, KalendarKards can provide the same supportive services. On-site caregivers can use KalendarKards to leverage their time and effort, allowing residents to be more independent.

By enabling residents to remember more of the activities that are important to them, KalendarKards helps them stay more engaged in their living environment. It can help them enjoy more of the enriching activities offered that are often “missed” by simply forgetting to attend.

Thank you for your interest in KalendarKards. My co-founder and I pledge to continue developing additional features and supportive accessories to further enhance your investment in your loved one’s care.

David Wiederrich
CEO and Co-Founder
KalendarKards LLC

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