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Welcome to KalendarKards!

KalendarKards is a Caregiver tool, supporting individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Start using it in the very early stages, and continue as the memory challenges progress.

Nearly 200 specialized playing cards simplify daily reminders for medications, activities, appointments, chores, and more.
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See below for a special offer and an important announcement! Also, updated with convenient Amazon links! Caregivers struggle with medication management. There are often many medications, all to be taken at various times throughout the day or night, and the printing on the pill bottles couldn’t get any smaller. Worse, that pharmacy small print never says [...]

When telling the KalendarKards story, we continually see individuals with whom we speak completely relating to the challenges we faced - challenges that led to the vision, development, and design of what you know today as the KalendarKards Memory Support System. Here, we share those pain points and how our "boomer years" have a new [...]

Here at KalendarKards, we take pride in making “memory management” simple for our Karders and their caregivers. It is important to provide a way to stay on track throughout the day without it being overwhelming or confusing. In this “behind the scenes” look at how we developed the KalendarKards Stadium, you’ll see how far we [...]

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