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David L. Wiederrich, CEO and Co-Founder

KalendarKards CEO David WiederrichWith a background in corporate communications, marketing, sales, operations, and IT, Mr. Wiederrich is leading the effort to bring comfort and confidence to those needing memory support.

KalendarKards was developed to assist a family member who was having trouble remembering important tasks around her home. The benefits that came from checklists, notes, and follow-up phone calls were taken just about as far as possible. A better solution was needed.

LaDelle As Inspiration

KarderYou’ve seen her on our web site, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Her smile is our motivational beacon and her spirit is the reason for our efforts.

LaDelle was having trouble remembering important tasks and activities around her home. KalendarKards was a specific caregiver tool to help her stay on track throughout the day.

She currently has professional caregivers check on her daily, providing additional support to the love and care provided by family members. With the additional support provided by KalendarKards, she still lives in her own home, independent and confident. We are very pleased to be bringing the same benefits to many others as well.

We developed KalendarKards for LaDelle’s benefit, and for others who are working hard to stay independent in their own homes. However, many who have made the transition into Assisted Living Communities are benefitting as well. Family members tell us their loved ones are more engaged in the wide variety of activities offered, and overall, they are much happier!

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You can read more about Our Story, learn more about the benefits KalendarKards holds for your loved one, and see what the media is saying about us.

If you have questions about how KalendarKards can help your loved on stay in their own home longer, get in touch with us.

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