KalendarKards and Memory Cafe Directory Covered in CHOICES Senior Living Magazine! Choices is a publication of Julien’s Journal, based in Dubuque, Iowa. It is a wonderful lifestyle magazine, dedicated to sharing important and life-enriching information with the people of Dubuque and the entire Tri-State region since 1976. Since they have an online presence, the valuable [...]

Memory Cafes allow you as a caregiver AND your loved one to enjoy an outing together in a “milid cognitive impairment-friendly” environment. They are welcoming venues selected for their comforting feel. They take place in locations as varied as coffee houses, community centers, galleries, museums, conference rooms, or just about any warm, inviting location! They are [...]

We are very pleased to be shown in the 2017 Holiday Edition of Choices Senior Living Magazine. It is a publication of Julien’s Journal in Dubuque, Iowa. See the article we published over at Memory Cafe Directory for all the details!  

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