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KalendarKards is a fun, colorful, and very personal way to help those you love organize their week. They are reminded of daily tasks and appointments, in a way as familiar to them as playing a hand of cards.

KalendarKards is the perfect “transitional product.” It provides excellent support in the early stages of mild cognitive impairment, and continues to be useful by caregivers in later stages. The cards not only offer gentle reminders, but also act as an audit to ensure important activities take place.

In today’s world of high-tech gadgets that beep, flash, crash and break, KalendarKards takes your loved one back to the simpler days of a deck of cards – a very familiar and personal hands-on tool to improve their quality of life.

Easy to Get Started – Easy to Use

Getting started is a fun and non-threatening way to talk with your loved one about their week, help them get organized, and give them the independence that age or disease may be trying to steal from them.

KalendarKards opens the door to conversation with your Mom, Dad, Aunt or Grandparent. As our seniors age, their worlds grow smaller and conversations can lag. KalendarKards covers a wide range of topics and you will quickly find yourself deep in meaningful and rewarding personal conversation – a great byproduct of calendaring their week. As an added bonus, this stimulating conversation may assist in keeping their minds sharp!

Transitional Tool

As mentioned above, KalendarKards provides support through a long continuum. It is designed to be introduced early to a person experiencing minor memory lapses. It acts as a daily calendar to provide needed reminders of tasks and appointments. The bright colors, familiar playing cards, and the simple slot-to-slot system allows high functioning people to quickly adapt the system to their use.

Starting early is important. Introducing new concepts after memory loss worsens is generally not a successful strategy. It is better to learn important tasks while there is still the ability to learn, and these learned tasks will assist later in functioning, almost from instinct, as symptoms worsen.

When symptoms progress, caregivers can participate in the daily card usage. They can talk about the next activity, double-check that a certain medication was taken, and encourage active engagement.

Leveraged Care

If you are a professional caregiver, you know the demands placed on your time. So many visits; so many warm and caring spirits for whom care is needed; so few minutes in the day to spend quality time.

By placing a structured and assistive system in place to help them stay on track, your visits can be less about catching up on needed tasks – or worse yet, resolving issues occurring since your last visit. Instead, your visits become more about conversation, guiding them through updating their KalendarKards system and helping them maintain their independent, confident – and safe – lifestyle.

KalendarKards - Outing with FamilyMore Family – Closer Family

When ongoing KalendarKards management is shared with spouses, children and grandchildren, you will quickly see a remarkable transformation in your loved one. New lines of communication are opened with other family members, which starts to build a strong support group around your parent, grandparent or other close friend or family member experiencing challenges with memory.

And remember, many hands makes any task easier. By involving more members of your family and immediate friends, individual supporting efforts can be lessened.

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