KalendarKards Blanks Pack

KalendarKards Blanks Pack
36 cards in the Blanks Pack. Order yours today!

KalendarKards Memory Support System provides for limitless personalization. If you like to tailor the system specifically to your own circumstances, extra blank cards are your tools. The Blanks Pack allows you to further expand the use of your KalendarKards Base System.

Card Selection

It’s simple: more blank cards allows more personalization. Contained in the Blanks Pack is 36 cards, with nine in each of the four categories:

  • RED – Important
  • BLUE – Health
  • GREEN – Activities
  • GOLD – Responsibilities

KalendarKards Blanks Pack Order Now

Order Today!

Extend the personalization of your KalendarKards Base System with additional cards from a KalendarKards Blanks Pack. This expands your canvas, allowing your loved one to “Play Their Day!”

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued feedback. We get numerous comments and suggestions and it has been your input that told us you needed more flexibility.

Let us know what kinds of additional specialty theme you would like to see in future Booster Packs.

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