Thanks to all of you, the KalendarKards story continues to spread. We are getting interest not just from inside the USA, but from Canada, the U.K., and Australia as well. Thank you for sharing and thank you for your interest in the KalendarKards Memory Support System. Come See Us One of the most enjoyable activities [...]

See below for an outstanding day of Dementia education, with Teepa Snow as the keynote speaker. But first, learn about the person at the center of it! There are many forms of Dementia, ranging from A to almost Z. From Alzheimer’s to Frontotemporal. From Huntington’s to Lewy Bodies. From Parkinson’s to Wernicke-Korsakoff. Far too many [...]

It is with great pleasure that KalendarKards announces the winners of the Portland McGinty Conference drawing! Congratulations to: Robin Callahan Julie Mendez   We had a wonderful turnout at the event, with considerable traffic at the KalendarKards booth. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. You made it very enjoyable and did a great job [...]

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