KalendarKards and Memory Cafe Directory Covered in CHOICES Senior Living Magazine! Choices is a publication of Julien’s Journal, based in Dubuque, Iowa. It is a wonderful lifestyle magazine, dedicated to sharing important and life-enriching information with the people of Dubuque and the entire Tri-State region since 1976. Since they have an online presence, the valuable [...]

“The KalendarKards Memory Cafe Startup Guide assembles the best four perspectives to support a variety of needs in setting up your own Memory Cafe” Regular customers and KalendarKards’ followers know our passion for helping caregivers who support those with cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s and any of the dementias. That’s one reason we created the Memory Cafe Directory. [...]

In “Reducing Caregiver Stress” we stated what caregivers know as being painfully obvious: caregiving is stressful. We helped identify the various caregivers’ roles, some mind-boggling stats about caregiving demographics, and provided some resources on how you can get a handle on the very real stress with which you might live each and every day. We [...]

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