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We all know having a wealth of appropriate resources available to us when looking for caregiving answers is critically important. The more options you have available to you, the better you can make caregiving decisions for your loved one. Through our KalendarKards Memory Support System, Memory Joggers, and Memory Cafe Directory, we’re very proud to [...]

See our latest post about Memory Cafes here! KalendarKards LLC Announces National Memory Cafe Directory Our Beliefs KalendarKards is passionate about helping caregivers and their loved ones restore comfort and confidence through the KalendarKards Memory Support System. Our goal is to help retain independence, allowing individuals living with early memory loss to remain in [...]

KalendarKards continues to expand availability of our Memory Support System for caregivers of those living with mild cognitive impairment or any of the dementias. We all shop in different ways, so it makes sense to have the System available through many channels. We felt it was important to inform you of where you can buy KalendarKards [...]

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