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PILLABELS Pill Stickers

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Caregivers struggle with medication management. There are often many medications, all to be taken at various times throughout the day or night, and the printing on the pill bottles couldn’t get any smaller. Worse, that pharmacy small print never says what the medication is actually for!


PILLABELS Pill Stickers helps caregivers easily identify the right meds through clever, colorful, easy-to-read labeling for ease, and more importantly, for safety.

Trusted Partner: PILLABELS

Healthcare is complex. There are many needs, many solutions, and many options for implementing those solutions. Just as medication management is a critical component to successful health and safety, it is also one of the most difficult to manage.

A common problem for caregivers and of course, for those for whom they care, is keeping track of the various medications. This doesn’t mean “where are they?” That’s only the beginning. It’s a serious matter of being able to easily read the labels to ensure the proper medication is taken at the correct time.

This is where PILLABELS comes in!
We are very pleased to introduce our latest Trusted Partner!


PILLABELS is a wonderful collection of very carefully designed labels that are to be placed on medication containers – not to replace, but rather, to augment. They help to clarify what’s already indicated when the patient or caregiver gets the medication from the pharmacy.

PILLABELS are designed to work with medications for many different conditions. Simply select the primary label appropriate for that medication:

  • PILLABELS Heart LabelBlood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Painkillers
  • Heart
  • And many more!

The bright PILLABEL sticker goes right on the top of the bottle, making it easily identifiable.

PILLABELS is quick to warn users NOT to cover the important details on the prescription label. This should always be visible for safety. That is partly the reason for the design intended for placement on the cap. The other reason is that it just makes good sense.

Primary AND Secondary PILLABELS

In addition to the large, round labels for the caps, PILLABELS provides additional “indicator” labels for the sides of the pill bottles.

PILLABELS Nighttime IndicatorAgain, it’s never a good idea to cover important details, but when placed carefully on the bottle, these can provide additional supporting direction:

  • Take with food
  • Take at night
  • Take during the day
  • No alcohol

By providing additional guidance, PILLABELS users get support on two different levels: medication identification along with usage!


Sylvia Mulholland, Pillabels LLC
Sylvia Mulholland

The PILLABELS line was created by California attorney and writer, Sylvia Mulholland, whose parents were both doctors. (The influence acorn seldom falls far from the tree!)

When we first met Sylvia, we knew PILLABELS would be an excellent complementary product to the KalendarKards Memory Support System. PILLABELS has a similar back-story to KalendarKards, of a product created to solve a personal challenge.

A few years ago, Sylvia returned home from wrist surgery, along with a pharmacy bag of assorted prescriptions, all with the usual tiny print that called out for reading glasses. It quickly became apparent she needed simple, colorful, and easy-to-read labels, since the reading glasses never seemed to be close at hand.

PILLABELS has a similar back-story to KalendarKards, of a product created to solve a personal challenge.

There are of course, a plethora of plastic pill organizers and ones with automation and other features, but that isn’t the solution she needed. In fact, a recent study indicates that these plastic pill sorters may cause more problems than they solve. There had to be a way to easily identify the right meds for the right time… so she created it!

When she shared her prototypes with physicians, they loved them! Specifically, they saw a serious need for elderly patients. Even more, for those where English may not be their primary language; pictures as they say, are worth a thousand words!

Often, patients will visit the physician with their families for the sole purpose of confirming exactly which medication needs to be taken for which condition. In many cases, too many hard-to-read labels, simply made it overwhelming for the elderly (or English language challenged) family member.

PILLABELS are very easy to use!

There are frequent reminders in the press about the dangers of taking multiple medications together, at the wrong time, or just confusing two very similar looking or sounding medications. PILLABELS is an excellent (and quite inexpensive) strategy for helping you sort out this challenge. These clever labels will not just provide added convenience, but more importantly, will add an element of safety for seniors who live alone and strive to maintain their independence. (Hmmm… sounds like a certain Memory Support System we know!)

KalendarKards is quite pleased to have PILLABELS as its latest Trusted Partner. Through Sylvia Mulholland’s clever design, they are providing enhanced comfort – and safety – to families and caregivers. PILLABELS is a registered federal trademark, and all PILLABELS are designed, printed, packaged and shipped all within the USA!

Special Offer and Important Announcement

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Simply shop at and use the Promo Code:  KALENDARKARDS  at checkout. You will receive 15% off on anything you purchase – even re-orders.

This is another example of how KalendarKards strives to provide value and important resources for you and those for whom you care. As always, when considering solutions for the care of another person, we encourage you to discuss your options with the professional of your choice. KalendarKards LLC believes strongly that professional advice can help you make informed and well-planned decisions.

Trusted Partner Materials

Recently, we started including a PILLABELS promotion in KalendarKards shipments. It not only introduces you to the PILLABELS product and shows the KALENDARKARDS Promo Code for 15% off when shopping at, but it also includes a FREE SAMPLE!

KalendarKards Promo Code for PILLABELS
Enjoy 15% off using Promo Code KALENDARKARDS

Taped to the back of the card (using a PILLABELS label of course!) is a pouch with a sample large colored PILLABEL. While the one you receive may not support your needs, it gives you an accurate picture of PILLABELS’ size, design and ease of use!

Included in the pill bottle top PILLABELS sample pouch, is a small black and white PILLABEL to be used as the supporting direction (when and how to use the meds) to be placed on the side of any pill bottle.

Amazon Availability Also!

If you prefer the convenience of the Amazon shopping experience, PILLABELS has you covered there, too. The KALENDARKARDS discount code can’t be used there, but you get all the convenience Amazon offers. These are links to some of the more popular PILLABELS Pill Stickers on Amazon:

Multi-Topic Packs

Single Topic Packs

Continuing Support

We hope you find this information helpful in supporting your efforts as a caregiver, or for someone else you know who often gets confused about his or her meds.

Learn more about all our KalendarKards Trusted Partners here!

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