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KalendarKards Referral Program

KalendarKards What's Included

KalendarKards PhilanthropyTen&Ten

KalendarKards’ Referral Program

Your follower gets a discount; you get a reward.

At KalendarKards LLC, we believe it is the responsibility of companies to build philanthropy into their business models. Our thinking looks like this:

  • Companies employ people
  • People make up our society
  • Societal challenges are significant

Since each of us is an integral part of our society, we all have a responsibility to help those in need. This is how KalendarKards addresses that responsibility.

KalendarKards Referral Program: Ten&Ten

The KalendarKards Ten&Ten Referral program has three components. One part supports non-profit organizations. Another supports the often “grass roots” efforts of Memory Cafes, and finally, the third component involves influencers who can promote KalendarKards’ benefits.

Non-Profit Donations

KalendarKards strives to support those organizations whose mission is to support Caregivers and those for whom they provide care. Although focused on areas such as mild cognitive impairment, dementia, traumatic brain injury, and child development, any IRS accredited non-profit organization can apply.

Memory Cafes

Memory Cafes are often operated as grass roots efforts, not inside the umbrella of a nonprofit organization. They generally have operational expenses, but don’t often charge participants for attending these valuable community events. KalendarKards offers Amazon Gift Cards in lieu of charitable donations, to help defray operational costs.

KalendarKards believes so strongly in the value of Memory Cafes, we created a National Directory to allow Cafes to list their events – and for individuals to find a Cafe near them. Visit for more information.


KalendarKards has a strong following and good awareness both domestically, and growing internationally. However, we recognize we can only help more people if a greater number of people know about us. Journalists, bloggers, podcasters – anyone with an audience – can help us spread with word.

Program Guidelines

KalendarKards LLC makes referral payments through the use of unique Promo Codes, identifying the organization when a purchase is made at

1) An organization must apply to the KPP
2) If approved, the organization will be assigned a unique Promo Code
3) The organization promotes this code to its followers for use at
4) When a promo code is used, the person making the purchase gets a 10% discount; you will receive a reward amounting to 10% of the purchase price.

All we ask of participants is to share this opportunity with your community and encourage them to use your Promo Code when making their purchase.

Payments are made by the 15th of the month, for qualifying purchases made during the prior month.

Getting Started

For more information or to start the registration process, you can reach us at

Thank you.

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