KalendarKards Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

Our mission here at KalendarKards is to provide comfort and confidence to individuals with memory challenges. We do that through our caregiver tool, the KalendarKards Memory Support System.

We also recognize there are many ways to support caregivers. KalendarKards is of course only one method. There are many valuable products and services available and we feel it is important to shed light on the ones we feel are especially helpful.

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KalendarKards Trusted Partners
Trusted Partners

As we began to share the KalendarKards story, we met many, many individuals doing great work in their communities. Some are family caregivers; some are professionals; all are caring individuals with their hearts in the right place.

The handshake shown on the KalendarKards Appointment card for an Outing with Friends is the perfect icon for Trusted Partners. These are relationships we’ve developed that are important to us, and we feel should be important to you.

We want to bring products and services to light that we feel are valuable to caregivers and your families. They are making it their mission to help others, just like we are at KalendarKards.

Note: In some cases, KalendarKards will earn a small commission if you make a purchase by clicking through from our site. If you choose to do so, thank you. This will never cloud our judgement, and we will only share products and services with which we have direct experience, feel positive about the impact, and in most cases, know the provider personally. See our Affiliate Disclosure here.

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