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KalendarKards continues to expand availability of our Memory Support System for caregivers of those living with mild cognitive impairment or any of the dementias. We all shop in different ways, so it makes sense to have the System available through many channels. We felt it was important to inform you of where you can buy KalendarKards Memory Support System.

KalendarKards Memory Support System KalendarKards.com

We first started with our KalendarKards online store, selling directly from our web site at KalendarKards.com. This allows us extreme flexibility to offer special group discounts, occasional promotions, and special pricing for attendees at events where we exhibit.

We still use KalendarKards.com as our primary storefront. You can view our KalendarKards Memory Support System there, along with our other complementary products. We have extra Activity Journals, “Check Your KalendarKards” wrist bands, and extra markers for personalizing your systems.

Check back soon for additional custom card decks and other reminder products.

KalendarKards on AmazonAmazon.com

Special Pricing through the end of 2016: $59 plus shipping!

We added Amazon.com as a retail outlet to support shoppers who simply love the convenience of having virtually limitless merchandise available through one account.

Note the price of $74.46 in the Amazon listing to the right. Amazon adds on average, $5.49 to your purchase price for shipping. To make the pricing consistent with our “FREE SHIPPING” policy on KalendarKards.com, we’ve adjusted the price on Amazon to account for the added shipping costs.

Whether you are a new Amazon customer, an occasional shopper, or an Amazon Prime power user, you can get KalendarKards Memory Support System through your favorite channel.

KalendarKards on My Home Health StoreMy Home Health Store

Another location where KalendarKards Memory Support System is available is My Home Health Store. We are very proud to be included in the only physician-owned and operated online store for home medical supplies and home care products. My Home Health Care aligns perfectly with the KalendarKards mission.

Just like us, My Home Health Store was created from the “school of hard knocks” learning that came from supporting an aging loved one. Even for a physician, it was very difficult to pull together the right equipment, aids, and other tools to provide proper support. As a result, My Home Health Care is a wonderful collection of “experience proven” products that will help you as a caregiver.

KalendarKards available through DementiaAide.comDementia Aide

Dementia Aide is a wonderfully valuable resource to people looking for products appropriate for a given dementia “phase.” They are continually adding information about all the dementias, tying together the right products for the right purpose – and for the right time in someone’s life!

Similar to many other providers of products and services, Dementia Aide is a result of personal experiences and the challenges they faced when trying to care for a loved one. By channelling their learning into and throughout the Dementia Aide web site, they not just sell products, but do so in a very simple and logical manner that supports the customers’ needs.

KalendarKards is proud to be a part of the Dementia Aide family of products and hope you visit them to see how they can provide assistance.

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